The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver

 A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - On-Line & In Class

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E-Newsletter Archives - Hospice Volunteer Training Series

Every month we mail an e-newsletter to our contact list of Hospice Volunteer Coordinators, Directors, Social Workers, Bereavement Specialists and anyone interested in recruiting, maintaining, supervising, training and supporting hospice volunteers. It’s my chance to stay in touch with our growing family of Hospice Staff Members. Each month varies, with my take on various topics of interest to volunteer managers. If you’d like to join our mailing list, we’re happy to have you. Use the Button or Contact Form at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to read some of the past year’s issues, there is a link here. Enjoy! Pat
On-Line Set  Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver Media contains Manual, Portal KEYS and Workbooks
Try Me Set by Pat Carver Media, Hospice Volunteer Training Series Set contains Manual, DVD Set, Workbooks & Portal Keys
Annual competency check for active volunteers produced by Pat Carver Media, as part of the Hospice Volunteer Training Series
Double Duty Set Hospice Volunteer Training Series, Pat Carver Media, Workbooks, Manual, DVD Sets, On-Line Portal KEYS

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The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver - A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - on-line & in class.

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